[Solved] Viki is pretty much useless now.

I was wondering why I couldn't find anything to watch on Viki over the last few months. Almost everything that I previously watched with the standard subscription at $49/year is now in "Plus" section and it's just the same old stuff - there's nothing new (as far as Historical dramas go).

I'm not going to pay $99/year for stale choices... especially when I had those same choices before for $49/year. In fact, I'm not going to pay anyone $99/year when there are better alternatives to Viki at way less money.

Viki is is not competitive anymore and you will struggle to maintain subscribers over the coming year as they realize that you've totally lost the plot.




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    Hey john65_4,

    I'm sorry you feel that way!

    We only license content for a limited period of time, and once the license expires, content providers can decide when, where, and how they want to relicense a title. As some of these historical dramas have been relicensed as part of our Kocowa partnership, it then comes under our Viki Pass Plus offering.

    In addition, the reason why there isn't much new Korean historical dramas on Viki lately is simply because there hasn't been any Korean historical dramas airing in Korea. Although, we do have a new historical drama, Grand Prince, coming soon next month.

    And while you wait for Grand Prince to start airing, I can recommend you some Chinese historicals to tide you through this dry spell for Korean historicals.

    Some shows you can check out include:



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  • Sure, I watched the Chinese stuff already.

    You've confirmed that Viki has nothing to offer me at this time.

    I won't be renewing my subscription.


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