[Solved] high society drama

I can watch the show from the Viki website. I want to watch it through my TV but the search won't bring it up. Why is that?



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    Hey whotheheckami_679,

    Due to licensing agreements, not all shows available on Viki are available on all apps. Since we license the content from the content owners, we have to play by their rules when the content owners tell us where and how your favorite shows can be streamed.

    If your TV is an Apple TV, you can watch it on your Apple TV by Airplaying the show from another Apple device.

    You can check out how to set up Airplay by referring to this article:
    How to use iOS Airplay with the Viki app

    Or if your TV has Chromecast, you can also Chromecast shows from a mobile device or from a Google Chrome browser.
    Using Google Chromecast with the Viki app 
    Using Chromecast on web





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