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So I just subscribed to VIKI w/Kocowa. How come some shows and dramas that are supposed to be Kocowa shows have member translated english subtitles instead of kocowa translated subtitles which are much more complete and are translated within a few hours of broadcast in Korea. If you are charging us the additional money for Kocowa then you should stream the actual Kocowa subtitled shows.  



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    Hey demalonzo_840,

    I'm sorry you feel that way about our subtitles.

    Although our subtitling speed may sometimes take longer, we try to have shows subtitled by our volunteers whenever possible as their subtitles adds to the enjoyment of these shows:

    • Our passionate volunteers ensure that everything, pop-up texts, song lyrics, significant landmark signboards, etc. get translated.
      Ever wonder what that sad sounding song is singing about when the main couple breaks up? Does it just say my heart's been broken and my soul's been crushed? Maybe? Or perhaps it's saying I miss you, turn around, and stay with me.
    • They always add thoughtful translator notes that will explain the cultural or language context of dialogue that isn't always obvious when translated.
      Lame joke in Korean:
      Question: What kind of dog comes when you eat meat?
      Answer: Toothpick!
      Want to know why? Check out why in Ep 2 of I Am Not a Robot ;)

    Our subtitles are made by fans for fans. Being fans themselves, they know what fans need to see on those subtitles to add understanding and cultural context, so that international fans who don’t know Korean can enjoy them better.


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  • You are forgetting that not everyone can speak/read English and needs subtitles in other languages. Subs on dramas with kocowa's subtitles can't be translated due to copyright.

    Plus, subscribers don't pay for subtitles, just for HD & no ads (+kocowa content for VPP).

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  • I am not disparaging the work of the volunteers and appreciate the effort they put into subtitling the kdramas. My issue is not with the volunteers, it is with the the company Viki Ratuken. They are charging  an extra fee for KOCOWA content but the KOCOWA content should be provided with subtitles accessible in KOCOWA website. The KOCOWA subtitles are done by paid professionals and are done right away. The volunteers should be free to translate shows that are not part of the KOCOWA programs, since it is wasting their time when the KOCOWA subtitles easily accessible. In fact Judge vs Judge used the KOCOWA subtitles and it was available a few hours after broadcast. Ratuken purchased Viki for $200 million and is getting more revenue by charging more KOCOWA content. All I am asking for is that if they are selling KOCOWA content then they should provide KOCOWA subtitles that are already provided in the KOCOWA website. Volunteers who work hard at this site should not have their time wasted if it is not necessary.

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  • Looks like I have to explain you some things since it doesn't look like you've read my comment at all.

    First, Viki is part of Rakuten since 2013 so that has nothing to do with Kocowa (started their service in July 2017). If Viki didn't make the deal with Kocowa, shows from SBS, KBS, MBC (who also provide the most content) wouldn't be available here. We don't know how much they had to pay for this deal, but I bet it didn't come cheap, so I understand why Viki had to create VPP.

    Second, I feel like you don't understand what kind of platform Viki is. They're not like Kocowa, DF etc. Quote from their FAQ page (important stuff in bold):

    "Viki, a play on the words video and wiki, is the global TV site where millions of people discover, watch and subtitle global primetime shows and movies in more than 200 languages. Together with its fans, Viki removes the language and cultural barriers that stand between great entertainment and fans everywhere."

    So basically, Viki only licenses dramas/movies/etc and uploads them here so that the community can translate them into several languages. Although English is world language no. 1 you can't expect everyone around the world to speak/understand it (or people just like to have subtitles in their native language). Therefore the work volunteers are doing on here is not wasted.

    With that in mind, Viki starting to use solely Kocowa's subtitles on some selected shows is a huge problem. As volunteers didn't create the English subtitles, translations into other languages aren't possible due to copyright. Did you check out the comment section on these shows? It's flooded with comments complaining about subs not being available in other languages. These people aren't able to watch these shows because of the language barrier.

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  • Then Viki should state by subscribing to Viki Plus the KOCOWA content it does not include KOCOWA subtitles. The advantage of KOCOWA on Viki is that you can watch it on your TV through various streaming platforms but if it does not include the professional subtitles and quick turnaround on the KOCOWA website then its not the same product. I understand what you mean that by using the KOCOWA subtitles then you can't translate to other languages and that's fine. But to me. when Viki states that Viki Plus includes KOCOWA programming I assumed that included KOCOWA subtitles. My mistake. Thanks for the information and I will downgrade my subscription to Viki Standard and keep my subscription on the KOCOWA website and just use airplay to transmit to my TV. 

    You know I asked a question which I though was valid. If you explained your reasoning without being so condescending it would be better for your company. 

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