[Solved] None of my dramas on Roku are saving my place or showlng "watched" again

This is happening repeatedly for me. It was fixed a few weeks ago and then about 5 days ago or longer it stopped saving my place again. Every show displays unwatched. I have to guess which episode I"m on and where in the episode I am for every drama. It takes loads of time to figure it out. I'm feeling tired and frustrated. l reported it weeks ago and it was briefly fixed. I don't know what to do anymore or why it keeps happening. Am I the only one having this happen?



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    Hi everybody,

    Thanks for your help.

    We went back to investigate some more, and found that this issue was actually caused by system error.

    Our engineers have fixed the issue now and all new shows you watch on the Viki website or on any Viki apps (including Roku) should have be accurately tagged with "watched" or record the time point at which you last left off.

    The team is also checking whether the data that was lost over the last few days is retrievable.

    Once again, thanks for highlighting this issue to us.


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  • I just read this and I don't even know. I'm not waiting till maybe June for things to function if you are stating you will make zero effort to support the Roku app. That is primarily what I watch Viki on. After working hard all day and being tired I don't want to watch dramas in front of the computer. That's not an alternative for me. I don't even understand how you can just not bother anymore to support the Roku app for any issues or anything at all for 5 months. I know I'm not the only one who uses Roku. I just don't get this at all! 

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  • I actually bought the whole Roku device and got cable to connect it so that I could watch Viki on it. So this is pretty sad for me. I've been through a lot of stuff in the last few years too and Viki was my way to relax. I wish you well in your future but I may have to check out until you get it sorted.

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  • Hi me_97,

    As the fixes we can perform on the existing app will be temporary patches that cannot solve the root problems, fixing this Roku app would only take away from the limited resources we have to build the new Viki Roku app which aims to solve the root problems of these issues.

    In view of this, the decision was made to make a new app, so that the team will be able to concentrate their efforts on resolving the root issues, and we'll be able to release these fixes sooner.

    I'm really sorry for the inconveniences in the mean time. Please know that we're doing all we can to sort these issues out as soon as possible.



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  • Besides the known issue with the Roku, I'm also finding the same problem when I log into Viki via Google Chrome.  I'm on ep. 16 of Pinocchio and it looks like I haven't watched any of the episodes.  Whatever is causing the problem on the Roku is also affecting me when I try to watch via the web.  



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  • I am also having a problem with all my devices not just Roku.  I have no tracking on anything. 


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