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Why is translation from Korean to English on the show - MY GOLDEN LIFE - so slow and parts are being totally left out or not translated at all. Whats going on??????? Another show I watched - MONEY FLOWER - was translated very quickly and no parts were missing or left out. The people who did the translation from Korean to English for the show - MONEY FLOWER did an excellent job,  but the people who are translating Koran to English are doing a slow and poor job on the show - MY GOLDEN LIFE. Whats going on???????



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  • I see you are new here, so let me explain. 

    The translation does not have any specific time frame. In some shows it can be slower in others can be quicker to be completed. It depends on the subbers' availabliity. How many there are, of those how many are available for many hours, many days a week, and their skill level. 

    When you are on an episode's page, check at the lower left corner of the video, you will see a percentage. Only when it is 100% the subtitles are complete.  In popular on-air shows they are always completed, so don't worry, they will eventually come. 

    Why they are not completed in order but have gaps in between?

    This happens for two reasons:

    1. Many people work at once

    The video is divided in 6 virtual parts, so that 6 people can work on it at the same time. And it may happen that the person working on part 4 is not as quick as the person working on parts 5 and 6, so if you are watching while she's working, you may see lack of subs in the middle of the video, and then the subs "magically" appear again later. Or maybe subber 4 is good, but at that time her son came from school and she has to fix dinner for him, before coming back to translate :)

    2. Subbing in done in layers.

    Not all subbers are 100% fluent in Korean or in English. Some of them might be Koreans whose English is not perfect, others might be English-speakers whose Korean is not perfect. Moreover, they don't translate from a written screenplay, they do it by listening to the video and trying to catch, which is much more difficult! This means that a particular subber might find something she doesn't understand. So she does what she can, and another one passes later on to fill-in the gaps. 

    So you see it's not a bug or an issue, it's the normal way things work here. 

    What to do?

    Go and watch something else, a completed drama, waiting for your favorite ones to get subbed. 

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