[Solved] why???????

why the biggest rated show in korea with a 40% view rating takes 3 days to get translated into english and then you have shows like black knight which are translated the day they come out

or for that matter other insignificant shows, can someone explain that to me please ,because 

after all i am a paying costumer.




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  • there is a difference if you watch some content from Kocowa which comes already with English subs or if content is subbed by Viki Team. In general subtitling is done by volunteers across the globe from various corners with time differences and what ever. The raw videos come right after airing, some folks don't mind watching raw dramas, then it needs to be segmented, the video will be cut according to the dialogs, then translated from original language into English and then it will be edited by usually 2 Editors, one for the language translation and one for English. So there are many people working on 1 episode, now some episodes can vary from 10 to 65 Minutes depending on the producers. - When there are holidays or students have finals there will be always some type of a delay, people travel etc.

    So one cannot compare apples with oranges. Read more here:  hope this helps to clarify.


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