[Solved] Not available in my region after i watched some episodes...

Hello there...

2 days ago I bought the  viki pass standard annual and I was really excited that I would be able to watch episodes that were locked before.

So, i started watching Hwayugi  and after I watched 2 episodes without any problem. today there is this error on top of this series ''not available in my region''

Why is that? This message does not only show in Hwayugi BUT TO MANY OTHER SERIES ...

I have to upgrade it in Plus?If yes, why this ISN'T written anywhere so we will know what to do?

If with the standard pass annual  I can watch just 2 episodes and then I have to upgrade it in plus, I think that there is no point of paying for smth you cannot watch and unfortunatelly, i am going to sign out.

Let me please know what the problem is before my free trial expires , because as i read before, i can cancel my registration any time I feel like to do it.

Looking forward to your answer,

Thank you..



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    Hey vasilikinak,

    Hwayugi is a Viki Pass Standard drama, and you should be able to access all new episodes since you are currently on a Viki Pass Standard trial subscription.

    If you're still not able to access it after logging out and logging in, please send me the following information so that I can help troubleshoot what's causing this:

    1. The specific episode of Hwayugi for which you're seeing the "not available in your region"
    2. The other shows for which you're seeing the error message too
    3. Full-monitor screenshots of the error message so that I can see where you're seeing them


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  • Thank you all very much.

    I did logged out and back in last night , even before seeing your copmments, and fortunatelly the episodes were there and i could see them all.

    If, in case , i would ever have the same problem, I will for sure send all the information you asked for Kristie.

    Have a nice night!

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  • Hwayugi is VikiPass Standard Drama. One thing you can try is logout, delete cache and login into Viki.

    If it still does not work let the staff know if  this issue is on your pc or a different device and what browser you are using and what country you are watching from.

    Also, if you are out of the region the episodes may be available after 2 or 3 weeks waiting time. You can see the waiting time without login.

    Be known that the staff usually isn't available on the weekend. Good luck!

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  • This is happening to me also and I have your plus...


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