[Solved] English synopsis not in the base


On the channel manage page, in the Channel info, in the English description that we want to update:

- When we want to update it, there's no "English" language pick among the existing descriptions whereas there is an English synopsis.

- We have to "Add a new description" in English, copy paste the previous one and edit it, there's no saving of the bold caracters when we copy paste it, so we have to bold them again.

 The channel is:

Thank you!



  • It is the same on all channels. I had written to the Help Center about it some time ago and the official reply was:

    "Users are now not allowed to write/edit Channel Descriptions in English either. English Channel Descriptions are usually the official ones obtained from the content provider, hence the lock."

    I know, it doesn't make sense, as the official descriptions are very often lacking or plain wrong. But that's their rule. We should be considered lucky if we can at least use the workaround you and I discovered. 

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  • There was 0 synopsis at the beginning when the fan channel appears.


    If when the fan channel appears:

    -Viki already has a synopsis, they can put it.

    -Otherwise, we have to put something so viewers know what the channel is about and follow the channel and ask for the license, otherwise the channel stays unknown for the time before Viki decides to put the official synopsis. So it's more like a temporary synopsis before the official Viki one > the role of the team is also to promote the channel and make the channel up to date, if we don't have a synopsis, I don't see how we can fill the role Viki gave us.

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