Video resolution change option


Bring back video resolution change option.


Because some people experience video interruptions when it has 1080p automatically.


In video settings, where it was before it was gone.




  • It's still there when you have Adobe Flash enabled. Therefore people who pay for bandwidth are well advised to use that feature, so that they can choose to view at lower resolution to save bandwidth.

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  • I have Adobe Flash enabled but I don't see it. What do I do?

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  • Which browser?  If someone from vikistaff sees this they will ask you to post some info by visiting

    For instance, look what it says about mine:

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  • My browser is Google Chrome. And I have Adoble Flash installed...

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  • but even if videos run in html it still adjust to the speed of my internet, which means sometimes picture is sharp and sometimes it's a really low resolution, since my internet fluctuates, so does the video, I preferred the flash, I know in IE 11 it played with Flash but on Opera it's in html. Other streaming place got worse as well due to the speed, I have same speed as years before but a much worse viewing experience. I have unlimited surfing data yet it's showing worse :(

    It seems also some dramas show better than others, not sure, maybe it's like the weather ;)

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