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    @irmar I stumbled upon this by accident on that is under the column of VikiPass Standard:

    Subtitles are not available in my language after getting Viki Pass

    Viki’s subtitles are contributed by our passionate community of volunteers, who create high quality subtitles in multiple languages! When subtitles for a video don’t appear or are incomplete, it usually means that the community has not finished subtitling yet. 

    To check the subtitle completion percentage for a particular episode, you can visit the video you want to watch, then select your preferred subtitle language on the video player. 

    Read more (to click on this link:

    I think it's also the impatient viewers who do not explore the rules of this website, if one wants to find some information about Viki, I believe there are many roads to find it. Viki has posted this in several places.

    You know, it's like the small print that no one reads :)



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    @simi11, I don't think that this addresses the issue at all. 

    It says that subtitles are done by volunteers, and it will be ready when it shows 100%. That's all.  

    And this could be a nice explanation even for free users who also wonder why the subtitles are not ready. 

    I mean, people after reading this may still ask "yes, but why are they so slow?" Or "Why on this older show the episodes have never been completed?"  If I am paying vikipass, shouldn't I have something more than others?

    It says nothing about the non-connection of vikipass with the volunteers' subtitles.  It might be argue that it's inferred, and people should read between the lines. But that's not enough at all!

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    All in all, I agree that it should be clearer for Viki pass prospective and current clients who still ask 'why there are no subtitles while I'm paying":

    => talking about volunteers, talking about restrictions, talking about licensing, talking about Kocowa (everything that can explain "why there are no subtitles while I'm paying").

    => On the VIki pass page, it shoud be made clearer:

    => When they want to suscribe for example (before entering payment info), it should be presented correctly (not at the bottom of the contract or in tiny letters) because it's an enough important info to decide if the consumer will buy it or no.

    => When they suscribed and at each reniewal of their Viki pass, reminding them when telling them about this reniewal (mail).

    Now, how it should be said... Good luck to Viki!

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    Aos colegas de todas as línguas.

    Acho que o usuário pagante não fica só aborrecido por não ter o drama legendado no seu idioma... o problema é maior. Dramas antigos abandonados por seus "Gerentes de Canais" e "Moderadores" são frustrantes, isso sem falar nos recentes onde encontramos dramas com só alguns episódios legendados em português. Sou QC Gold e a minha intenção de legendar foi exatamente essa: traduzir dramas que estavam incompletos na língua portuguesa-BR. Mas, infelizmente, as expectativas não foram correspondidas, num total de 20 mensagens enviadas aos respectivos QC e Moderadores, apenas 1 QC me respondeu dizendo que eu devia entrar em contato com o "manager" (há 5 meses que esse manager não responde).
    Como QC fico frustrada e como pagante estou zangada. Sei que não é fácil ficar horas legendando e no final não ter nenhum reconhecimento, só a satisfação de ter contribuído com prazer. Daí fica a pergunta: Quem pode melhorar isso? Nas atribuições do Gerente de Canal, deveria haver mais responsabilidades sobre o término completo do drama a ele atribuído? Não está na hora de alguém fazer alguma coisa sobre isso, ou, é melhor não mexer nesse vespeiro?


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    I fully second this point. It's not only the costumers that will read comment, it's your license partner as well.

    People will argue with you why subtitles are not among the benefits, they will argue as if a car dealer sold them a vehicle without engine. They can't use a product that has no subtitles, for them it's like giving an adult a child's picture book. It's not that I can't understand them, when they say why would I buy something what I do not stand a chance to understand without subtitles. There is no trust in Viki, when you just stoically go your way, telling what is included and think that's it. 

    I try to tell them always read the contracts you make properly, but guess sometimes the desire to watch some content they can't view without a pass gets the better of them. And then they see subtitles unfinished here and there. They will lose the trust in the product a second time. With the fear in mind one sold me something that isn't there, meaning the subs, and those who should bring subtitles won't do it at all/not fast enough/incomplete ... I can't imagine that these business methods are good on the long run. Maybe it's an American/European standpoint, where transparency is a real asset for a customer. I don't know.

    I just wished the information about subtitles should be right there were the Viki pass options are explained.

    From this point of view I don't see this topic as completed like Viki seems to think of it.

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