Volunteer finder needs a complete makeover!

The volunteer finder is completely useless right now

The reality is that moderators never use the Volunteer Finder. Why? Because it's useless!
For some reason, the only names found there are people who have stopped volunteering ages ago. You painstakingly go to profile after profile, only to see that these people may not even be on viki any longer. It's very discouraging. Moreover, one could be looking for a drama which is only open for Qualified Contributors/Vikipass holders, and to find this info, again, you have to go to each individual profile page.

Better filters
In the volunteer finder we can only sort people by language. Instead, we should be able to sort them by

  • language
  • years active on viki (not years since s/he subscribed, but years since they first volunteered)
  • last active on
  • total number of subs
  • QC/non-QC
  • vikipass

Are not necessarily criteria, they just help you understand some things. We all know that the total number of subs or years active is not an indication of quality. But if you see four years active but only 5000 subs, you understand this person is not very active. Especially if the last time they did something is two years ago. If you see someone who joined last month but has done 5000, it means they are very dedicated (for now). And to a person who has just started, maybe you will choose to give an older drama first, as a test, rather than a difficult on-air historical.

Additional info

There should be a way for the subbers to include some additional info near their name: the type of content they like to sub, by country, by genre, if they have any additional expertise (e.g. lawyer, doctor)

Available for work

A very cool feature would be the "available/not available" thing, but the subbers would have to update it often, and they could forget to do it

Now we have some threads in Discussions, "Volunteers for Spanish" and "Volunteers for French". But they are not even pinned, and they are not updated with people no longer available. And it's a hassle to search back, without even knowing if those users who wrote months ago are still available or not. 

There could be a database on the Volunteer finder, where potential subbers could go and add their names. They can take their name off if they want when they are flooded with work or when it's exam time and put it back again when they are more free. 



Oh yes, make a separate one for subbers and a separate one for segmenters. 

In the search criteria, apart of the above filters, there should be two with their qualifications

  • Ninja Academy graduate
  • The Segmenter 101 Project graduate

In the added info they can put a "preferred source language"



  • Great idea!

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  • muito bom gostei

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  • You just wrote all that I have been thinking during the last couple of years! Volunteer finder needs to be updated so that the volunteers (new and old) will be able to find the work and vice versa.

    I am a moderator for quite a small language so it's really frustrating to try to find the new volunteers from the huge mass of people. I really would like to help the new ones right from the start and on other hand get some "old-new faces" into my teams so it would be great to see who is interested and available...

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  • Good ideas. I especially like the segmenting volunteer database suggestion. I'm surprised one doesn't exist already.

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  • They said that the idea which gets most votes will be considered by Viki engineers. So far there's been nothing on this subject. Let's wait and see...

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  • What needs to be re-introduced in the "Top 20 contributor for a specific language in a week" list. It was the only way for us, Arab moderators, to find active subbers. We have the community page which shows best 50 users for a month, what we need is a filter to show active contributor in each language.

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  • Almost three years later, the situation hasn't changed. 

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  • Yes it didnt change at all and its of no use for rare language moderators

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