Better organization of our Profile and Project Page


Please make the text editor richer, by adding the possibility to have a background colour or background image and also give the possibility not only to add a table but also to edit existing table, for instance adding columns/ add rows to an existing table - instead of having to meddle with Source. 

Better organization of our Project Contributions page. For us and for visitors. As it is, it’s not efficient, and we have to REDO IT manually on our profile page.

A. Automatic sorting filters for projects

  • by completion (see section B for details)
  • by role. This is already there and that’s good. But we also want to see the language. Now it only has English Moderator, but not the other languages. And no language for Subbers.  
  • by show title (alphabetically)
  • last aired (more recent first) THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL
  • last worked on I last worked on it (more recent first)

We don't want the All filter, which is supposed to be "last worked on" but it is updated so seldom that in my profile right now it shows on top something I worked on 12 days ago. 

B. Organize projects on our own: 
This has to do with the 2nd bullet on the previous list. If This one would need some work we do ourselves, otherwise they are not possible. Therefore we should assign each project into one of four categories:

  • future confirmed
  • future unconfirmed
  • present/working on
  • completed 

Most of us would like the future ones on top, then the present, then the completed ones, but there should be the possibility for us to move one category over the other like content blocks.

The lack of this feature means that most of us have to painstakingly create it on our profile pages by hand. 

This is very important not only for boasting purposes, but it would be immensely helpful for recruiting purposes. When a moderator or Channel Manager is looking into someone's profile, they should be able to see at a glance how many ongoing projects this person has. For me, I never choose for my team someone who has a zillion unfinished projects. 

(I recently did this job, looking into someone's projects, and it took me the better part of an afternoon. It was worth doing, though, because I was shocked at the number of unfinished stuff this person has, and keeps asking for more positions when most of the existing projects are not even started.)

Of course one could always cheat, stating that something is finished when in reality it isn't. But that cannot really be helped. We cannot have everything working perfectly in a foolproof way. If someone bothers to go and check, then this person's reputation would greatly suffer. 

P.S. What is "unfinished" and "finished" if you're a Channel Manager? Well, let's say that it can be considered finished when the English and at least 2 other languages are done. 


If a person is indifferent or lazy and doesn't want to do the organizing, then the completion button could be gray. 

Thus features A and B are combined in the same page. 

The page owner could choose to display the Completion sort by default. 

C. Eliminate the useless right hand column with the screenshot of the show. 



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