Payment by boleto bancário for users of Brazil

What is a boleto bancário?
Bill of collection or banking is a payment method widely used in Brazil that allows the collection of values. Both companies and individuals can issue such securities, provided they have a bank account and contract a collection card with the bank.

Also called billet or block, it has different modalities and some types.

The collection can be done with or without registration, with important differences. It can still be a separate ticket or a card. In all cases, it is composed of specific fields that guarantee that the amount paid reaches the final destination, but this usually raises doubts of completion.

Advantages of using the ticket
Debit card, credit card, PayPal, PayPal, BitCoin ... Despite the increase in available means of payment, the ticket continues to be advantageous for micro and small businesses as an option to offer. Check out some advantages.

Charge impersonally, since you can send an e-mail or printed by mail, without having to visit the customer to invoice.
Diversify ways to receive, to facilitate the life of the customer and prevent loss of sales.
Charge even if you do not have a bank account or card.
Reduce cost of charging compared to card operator fees.
Easy calculation of fines and late payment interest in case of delay.
Control of receipt of each ticket.
Faster time to get paid, for example cards.
Possibility of protest in case of non payment of goods delivered or services performed.

at where?
The ticket icon will be fixed along with the other forms of payments accepted by the site. It is possible to pay the Viki Pass quickly and without any problem.



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