[Closed] False positive VPN problem - AGAIN!

Okay, this is getting a bit repetitive. I am another in long row of subscribes encountering VPN/Proxy error, when there is none. I have followed all recommended steps and some additional ideas how to fix it, I have contacted that third party provider (with zero response), I have contacted my internet service provider, I have read through many similar request here on forum, everywhere only the same not-working recommendation over and over again.

So I filled a ticket (Request #1809029) to describe my problems and steps I have taken in detail in hopes for a deeper investigation, and guess what? I have received an automatic response WITH THOSE SAME NOT-WORKING STEPS AGAIN and my ticket was closed - they even asked me to rate that response, like seriously? How should I rate a non-existing support? Are you all using chatbots to deal with customers? Because it definitely feels that way.

Oh by the way, my request was written in English, the country in my request (one of required information) was Czechia, yet somebody found it appropriate to send me a rating request in Portuguese - they did not even bother to auto translate it back to English. It's one of the worse customer treatment I have encountered in a very long time.

If the information I provided via ticket got lost and if there is an actual person, not a chatbot, to pay attention to my problem, I can repeat the steps I have followed, because I made sure the problem is not within software in my computer and would really appreciate some actual support here.



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    Hi hagrid_633,

    Thanks for reaching out to Viki Community Support.

    We're sorry that your experience with Viki's customer service has not been great so far. We've seen your ticket on the Help Center and it has been escalated to our engineering team.

    We’ll be closing this to prevent confusion of multiple requests.

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to send your questions to your active Help Center ticket and we'd be happy to address them for you. 


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