Enhancing the Asian Cultural Experience on Rakuten Viki

Dear Rakuten Viki Team,

I am an enthusiastic viewer of your streaming service, particularly captivated by the rich array of movies and series from Asia featured on Rakuten Viki. Your commitment to delivering "the heart of Asian entertainment" has always resonated with me.

Today, I write to propose an exciting expansion to your content offerings. I believe that incorporating a dedicated news channel and more documentaries about Asia would significantly enrich your platform. By providing current news and in-depth documentaries, Rakuten Viki can offer viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation of Asian cultures, current affairs, and languages.

Such content would not only educate and inform but also inspire a broader audience to engage more profoundly with Asian languages and cultures. This addition would complement your existing entertainment lineup and align perfectly with Rakuten Viki's ethos of connecting people through Asian stories.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing Rakuten Viki continue to grow and evolve, bringing the essence of Asia to a global audience.

Warm regards,

Jose Roberto Escamilla

Bogotá - Colombia. 




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