Marking shows that have been watched

Can you please implement a system to mark the shows that we have already watched? Something like a check mark in the upper right hand corner would be easy to do when a show is completed could be Red or Green . Starting a show that has already been seen because we have watched so many and then remember you have watched this already to start and stop it and go back to find another one is a slight pain. Please think about this people need a way to see what they have already seen.


  • Yes! My thoughts exactly!!!

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  • Please find a way to make it easier for users to see which shows we have watched from the main screen.  I created a collection, but I still need to click on the show to show that status.

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  • Same here.  I have watched so many that I tend to start the first episode to jog my memory as to whether or not I have seen it before.  Sometimes the plot is similar on different dramas so I can't really be sure until I've watched a few episodes.  I don't want to make a collection of the shows I have already seen, I would have to scroll through a very long list.  I don't think you can even put them in alphabetical order.  It would take me forever.

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