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I am watching a Drama named 'What happens to my family' (it's awesome, made me laugh and cry so many times). While watching this drama I had a lightbulb moment - something I never had before. When I started watching, I felt like I had seen the youngest son (Dal bong) somehwre. His breakdown scenes regarding his father were beautiful.  He was in Heirs too that I got, but that was not it. He seemed - familair - but in a different way, I could not put my finger on to it. But as I am new to K dramas and can't remember names I wasn't sure where else I had seen him. 

Have you ever discovered a shortcut to a route that you never knew existed? That is the feeling I had when it finally hit me. It was exactly in Episode 44, somewhere around 8 minutes mark, and he gave a look to his friend. A sideways look, a slight smile, and it was like a curtain dropped. This goofy, quite a bit over the top kid was the brooding, nuanced, measured and absolutely gorgeous Crown Prince of Our Blooming Youth!!! His piercing looks and his deep deep, controlled voice of Our Blooming Youth could not have been further from the yelling kid of What Happens to my family. I literally stopped in my tracks. I have never failed to recognize an actor. They are like two different people! He has grown into this incredibly fine actor at such a young age! This man could not  have made this amazing journey without other great body of works. I want to find the shows that are really really good (I am in love with Our Blooming youth, so something similar, like family dramas maybe?). I saw a few recommendations but I want to know where I should invest my time. Help! #Park Hyung Sik #Inlove 



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