[Closed] I see this issue repeated over years and nothing is done to fix it

I only watch on my computer browser. and it doesn't matter which I use, chrome or firefox, neither will work to show me my whole watchlist, it only shows the first 30 or 40. everything is up to date and nothing about my computer has changed settings-wise. in fact, because it sporadically does this I somehow got lucky and it was working in fire fox then it suddenly stopped. literally, the information given to everyone with the problem remains the same for the last 4 years so i guess they just have no plans to fix it, I'm tired of hearing this is a user software issue, all th rest of my streaming services work just fine on my computer through the browsers. since their directions don't fix the problem, does anyone have some ideas? I'm ready to change services, its so frustrating, I mean I do not want to pay for it if I can't even have access to my own list of shows I want to see. might as well just stick to you tube at this rate.



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    Hi aikidomai_136,

    Thanks for writing back to us about your Watchlist issue and we're sorry that your experience on Viki has not been great so far.

    We will be reaching out to you privately via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so we can gather more information about this issue.

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you,

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