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As with any major streaming platforms. New episodes should be available to stream by that mornings date at 12am est. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and others do this. Which some subscribers actually stay awake in order to view in anticipation. There is a show I am watching now where it says available today and it is already 8:20 in the morning.

Why not on time streaming? Other platform are airing some of the same shows with english subs sooner and the drama finishes before yours. So why not yours?

Lastly. How about some Viki Original cdramas. There is perhaps a bigger fan base for cdramas than kdramas. Although I do love them both.

Just some ideas to help take Viki to the next level. Thanks



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  • Additionally, make Viki available on Playstation and Xbox! Lots of people skip Viki simply because they can't use their game consoles to watch Viki. Netflix is huge because there is an app for every device out there. Viki can do the same too! 

    And Yes on Viki Original Cdramas! I second that!


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