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What: a button that could mark the series as already “Watched” or a thumbs up / thumbs down. Why: so when I am scrolling for a new show I don’t click on one I have already seen or one I started and didn’t like. Where: Mark on the series’ main page but also show on Home Screen. I am disabled and now spend most of my days in bed. Discovering Viki has been a godsend that opened a whole new world of Asian dramas for me. I started with historical costume dramas then costume romantic comedies and now modern day drama and comedies. I have watched so many that it is hard for me to remember the titles. I am so impressed with quality of productions and the actors. I am always recommending to my friends or on Facebook. For those who think they wouldn’t like subtitles I just say it is like getting to read a great book at the same time as seeing the movie!


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  • I agree with the above commenter, kblubyu 654. Sometimes I will spend up to an hour just scrolling through suggestions of some pretty amazing programs. I've only been watching VIKI for about three years. Maybe four? And I've watched quite a few that I have forgotten. Sometimes I don't mind watching again. But I would like to be able to recognize that I've watched a show and go on to find something new.  Maybe 'my personal rating', a star, thumbs up(?), might be helpful. Or even a link to click on to take a viewer to the page where they left a comment? Also, a way to distinguish that it was watched and abandoned, or watched to completion. Thanks for caring.


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