Mr Queen Music Switch Out

I have been rewatching the show since the original broadcast and this week (May 2021), I have noticed that the music to the original show has been switched out. Is there something happening? Licensing issues?



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    Hi mysojumysoju,

    Thank you for writing in.

    We're sorry to hear that you're currently experiencing these issues. In order for us to understand the problem, can you please share with us the episode where the song was switched out for us to verify it?

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Thank you,
    John Rey
    Viki Community Member

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  • Hello John,

    Thank you so much for the reply. I think it may be a different version from the original broadcast that is being played. 

    Here is a list that I can think of:

    Episode 6 (41:05 - used to be the instrumental, but has now switched to the singing version of Jang Han Byul's Like a Star)

    Episode 10 (7:08 - used to be the instrumental, but has now switched to the singing version of Jo Hyun Ah's Here I am)

    Episode 14 (4:47 - used to be Here I Am by Jo Hyun Ah, but has now switched to Xiumin's My One and Only)

    If you watch the Viki Short Clips on Youtube of the same scene, you will see the difference. I know if it is the same drama OST, but for those of us who rewatched it several times, we can tell the difference. My conclusion is that it may just be a different version from another region that is being streamed. 

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  • Hi mysojumysoju,

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    The music and versions available on Viki depend on the streaming rights granted by our content partners.

    Sometimes the same version of the show is no longer available depending on your geographic region or country. However, it's our goal to secure your favorite content and extend rights whenever possible even with different versions.

    Thanks for your concern.

    John Rey
    Viki Community Member

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