Hallo Viki,

I have watch many series but a lot of them are startiing with translations but after a view episodes thee stop with translations.

i now my language is difficult (dutch) but i am so sad when you have seen 10 episodes en it stops the translation please can you help e

kind regards annelies




  • In this situation there are many series in several languages. For example, in my language, Romanian, it is the same. This is because either there are few translators or those who are, get involved in too many series and do not focus on just a few. Recently I met someone who translates to 14 series and the same time. So if everyone does that, you realize that the translations will be very difficult. Viki has little to do in this situation. Everything remains in the hands of local translators. I just finished watching a series that is sporadically translated into Romanian. I saw it more in English. For me and many others, English is not a problem, but there are also many others who do not know it and are waiting for local translations. What Viki could do would be to limit the number of series a person can actively translate to. I also translate to several series now, but I do it daily. I do one episode a day of each series, by rotation. However, not everyone has my time and that is why they should be limited by Viki. However, if we are talking about long-term volunteers, they will always be greedy to translate as many series as possible.

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  • sound like my ques-was watching the japan series-kimi etc-s1 no probs-but s2 no subs-same as suits s2-no subs-gutted.we need one of them auto translator machines seen in star trek-then  wont need subs

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  • please translate fully into romanian The Plough Department of Song Dynasty


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