Timed Comments

Here are some of my suggestions on the timed comments:

  • Show more at a time - I think it would be nice to show more timed comments at a time or make them go faster because there must be more than one person that is commenting on an interesting scene and we have to wait to see it.
  • A report button right next to the timed comments - there should be a report button right next to the timed comments for swearing, spoilers etc.
  • Liking and disliking timed comments - this would be a nice feature to add to the timed comments and maybe if a comment reaches a certain number of likes it would be highlighted as a "super timed comment"
  • Translation for the timed comments - we cannot copy-paste the timed comments into google translate so a translation button would help a lot.

That is all I have, you can comment on some other suggestions below if you want to. I totally understand if this is too hard to accomplish for Viki but it would be very nice to add these features.




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