[Closed] My shows wont load on my Chromebook

Hi my name is Eliani and My shows won't load/play I've tried to watch other shows but it hasn't worked. I have waited at least an hour for a show to load (Clean with Passion)  and ( Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) I currently have a Chromebook so I can't really use another device to watch these shows. ;-; If you could help then thanks



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    Hi there,

    It looks like an issue with the Chromebook devices, please follow the steps here to share more details with us:

    1. Go to chrome://version on your Chrome browser
    2. Note the browser version from the first option 'Google Chrome:
    3. Note the OS version from the third opiton 'OS:'
    4. Share your browser and OS version with us by commenting on this thread

    Thank you for your help!


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