Genre Categories - Repetitive, Confusing and Wrong

Is there a listing with Descriptions of Genres? In the Viki "Help" topics? If not, is it possible, to List them & Describe the Genres with a few words, not necessarily paragraphs. Genres are.... Missing... from some dramas' "Show Page's" story synopsis, summary... Or they are incorrectly chosen or they're confusing. With so many dramas & movies, in Viki, & no complaint there, many is good, but selecting is often based on Genre, in the "Search" pages, especially since Genre is a Search Filter. However, without delineation, or definition (for Viki's purposes, not dictionary quality or accuracy)...the Genre choice is murky & can take several searches.........What is the difference between "Historical" & "Costume & Period", between "Drama" & "Melodrama"?

Netflix is not great, is good, but not great in their show synopses, but their Genres, are pretty clear, (even tho there should be descriptions added to their Master Listing also).

1st, all the shows & movies are "Dramas", comedies or not, as in the educational course description "Drama"...a Super Heading. ..."Melodrama is a Serious Drama. Comedy is a lighter, hopefully fun, Drama. So, the shorthand "Melodrama" (for "Drama") & "Comedy" already a useful shorthand.

Then, all the shows are "Costume" in whatever "Period", unless they're Documentaries, which may also be of a Period, but too few to have a concern here. ......The Genre could be "Costume Period - Dynastic ", or " -1900s". And "Costume Period -Historical fiction" ...or even..." Costume Period - Historical basis" Gender Discrimination - In Viki's use of "BL" only, & not "LGBTQ" as other sites do. It's understandable, as it may seem that Asian productions only do "BL" productions, but, actually, there are many LGBTQ Asian productions. And with Viki's international format & draw, it should not seem to discriminate...... Perhaps "LGBTQ-BL" & "LGBTQ-Q" or "L" would help.

These may seem to be major programming changes, but with a disclaimer or description of the change at a certain dating, in the Genre Filter Area &/or Help area, with then a Search & Replace programming for at least "Drama" & "BL", would be do-able. Then on into the more picky descriptions "Costume Period-Historical basis" "Costume Period-Fiction". Some may only be changeable 'from this ______(date) forward.

This is worth a try, especially the Gender Discrimination.




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