Filtering to help narrow search to find something to watch

I  want to be able to choose Korean and then movies or TV shows. Then I want to choose a category like fantasy or action. I want to be able to search by actor/actress. I want to sort by year or be able to search in a specific year so if I know approximately when it was made, I can narrow it down by year. I want to be able to put in 2 actors/actresses' names and it shows me everything they were in together. Also, I want to have results only for my level and down. For example, I’m standard. I don’t want to see results from plus or anything I would have to pay more for. I know you want to “upsell” us, but many of us can barely afford what we have… It makes me feel bad and if I feel bad, I’ll go to a service that doesn’t make me feel bad so then, it actually does the opposite. Thank you.



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  • Adding to this, I'd like to be able to sort by rating.

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