Sound and video quality upgrade for the viki app!

Being able to watch all of the awesome dramas and movies we all love in 4k,Ulta Hd,or even 4k ultra HD would be awesome! And better sound quality other than just in stereo...I mean 5.1 or Dolby Atmos through our surround sound bars would be sweeeet!I mean come on let's get with the times and not be stuck in the past!!! Having a tizen viki app would with all this in one package is only a dream,but if it would happen and I didn't have to plug a roku device into my 85inch Samsung tv I'd be in drama heaven,lol!!!


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  • True. I can't believe 1080p is the maximum that's available. Especially for newer dramas. They should add 4K resolution so those watching on a TV can enjoy a better image quality. I would even be willing to pay more for Viki Pass in order to wnjoy better imge quality.

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