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There have been posts in the past inquiring about gift subscriptions, but there has never been a “direct” route to gifting a VikiPass. Is there some way Rakuten/Viki can offer a more direct way for users to be able to purchase a gift subscription? I’m all for purchasing a year paid subscription for my older relatives/family, but the painstaking process of trying to get them to redeem it via Apple/Google is prohibitive/time/labor intensive. Is there an easier way? Sorry to say, but what you have in place now is a deterrent to purchasing the product…


  • I agree. Is there a way one can “gift” a subscription to someone else? Am also willing to make payment. 
    Please help.

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  • I too would like to gift an older relative a year Plus subscription but the buy a gift card and then have them redeem it is a hassle.
    Please fix this so that gift payments and subscriptions can be easily done.
    Thank you

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  • Several months later and still no updates... I've never seen people have to 'beg' for a company to take their money, lmao! 

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