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For some strange reason, my Viki has stopped reading in English and now reads in Chinese.  I've cleared my cache and made sure I was set up to display English, which I am and have been up until today.  How can this be fixed?



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    Hey pleadsnsanity_756,

    Sorry to hear Viki has suddenly went rogue with its language!

    To change the site language, please refer to our FAQ:
    How do I change the website and subtitle language?

    Do let me know if you continue to experience problems with it!


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  • The problem isn't with the video's. I know how to set the language for subtitles on the videos. I'm referring to the website itself. When it loads, it loads in Chinese now for some reason. I do have an option installed on my computer to translate, but why should I suddenly have to translate every page when I log on to this site? 

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  • Hello,

    On the link Kristie provided, scroll down, it indicates how to change website language. 

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  • My apologies, I found it and corrected it.  Thanks Ladies and have a great week.

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  • Let me add a snippet of information. If you have disqus notifications, for instance a reply to one of your comments, and you open that right hand vertical disqus window, and reply to the other user from there, immediately your viki turns to the language of that user. 

    You can usually guess whether the user has the site in English or in some other language by looking at the title of the show on top of his message. If you see some other language, then don't reply from there, although it's the easiest: go the drama page on your own, and scroll to find the message, and reply from there. In your English page. So the site or content language won't change.

    Of course it's bothersome, especially if there are many comments and you have to waste lots of time scrolling and looking for that one message you want to reply to. If you find this too tedious, then let the site language change and change it back to English by choosing from the little buttons on the very bottom of each window. 

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