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whenever I exits out of full screen is always takes me back to my home page like I exited out or something but I didn't at all, all I wanted to do was refresh thee page cause it was going. if this is a bug then please fix it cause it keeps happening over and over again.



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    Hey dkmysterious,

    As simi11 mentioned, to help us debug the issue, please give us the following helpful information:

    1. Browser version and computer  You can check this at https://www.whatsmybrowser.org and send the results you receive to me.
    2. What key do you press to exit full screen? The "Esc" key or something else?
    3. Screenshots or even a short video of it would be very useful as well.

    Also, please do try clearing your cookies and cache and logging back in.



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  • Whenever you have issue, perhaps giving information of your browser type and number and processing software like windows 7 would be helpful. You can find the info with this link: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org.

    Perhaps cleaning cookies/cache and logout/login may fix this. I use Opera 49 and W7 and don't have the issue. Some browsers aren't supported. 

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  • And also, you may want to change your post title to something more specific than "Bugs and Issues".

    A good descriptive title helps other people who may have the same issue to see that your post is interesting to them, instead of having to click on all posts which is a bother. 

    "Exiting full screen takes me back to home page" could be a descriptive title.

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