Locking subtitles in 1 click for Moderators and making every channel a designated channel when there's a CM.


1. What?

-a function to lock subtitles for 1 language in one click.

-making every channel a designated channel when there's a CM.


2. Why?

- A gain of time + more contributing:

I'm having about 140 episodes to lock for my language to protect them from abusers.

I'm having 30 more to lock.

If in one year, I lock 30 ep a month: considering it takes 3-5 minutes, it will be 1800 min  = 30 hours spending during the year to lock each episode one by one.

Some moderators gain 2 or 3 dramas a month, so we can double up to 60 hours/year to lock subtitles.

If the average time of translating/segmenting one part (hypothetical) is 30 min, with these 1800 spent on locking we could have done 60 parts of a drama, about 15 episodes of 4 parts, half way of a drama of 30 ep.

-No problem with abusers

-Showing people the right way: Abusers will read the message "If you want to participate in subtitling, you can contact the Moderator of your language here or the CM if you don't see any moderator (link to the Team's wall of this drama). So they'll know the process of asking > contributing.

The only reason we lock is: there are abusers who use Google translation or dots on part 3-4 for example, while part 1 to 2 are subtitled on many episodes. We can't delete all the subbing from these problematic episodes. It's honestly a hassle to want to correct or retranslate the problematic parts. It takes more time.

- Not hindering the process and releasing episodes for other languages subtitling faster: 

Abusers in language subtitles can not be always deleted.  And they can not be always detected, what's the language of this problematic subtilting?


If it was not edited in English and some segments need to be fixed or deleted, the English editor has to call the CM to delete abusers subtitles (where are these subtiltes? We sometimes don't know, it could be in any language) and ask to modify segments.

If the English editor and the CM don't know how to correct segmentation, we have to call a 3rd person: a segmenter.

So not only, we're bothering 2 people, it's also delaying the editing part and the releasing of following episodes in other languages.

=>complains from viewers, time spending answering and explaining to viewers in comments, ratings going down, "slow", people will go watch elsewhere and this is repeating: they unsuscribe.

- Letting a chance for some channels to be finished in translation: 

We have channels where translations were made by abusers (google translation or many mistakes in English and in French): no one wants to adventure on these channels because it asks too much time to correct what has been done: we have some episodes translated and some no, and some parts it's not understandable and some parts are correct. It's going everywhere because the channel was not a designated channel.

By leaving channels not designated, there are translations that will never be completed and people complain and we can loose viewership because of having a reputation of never finishing translations or doing strange translations with dots or Google translation > people will watch elsewhere.

-Asking to be part of a channel to translate: it has never killed someone and it's showing the way it works: not waiting after subtitling on 5 dramas later, the person finds out that there was a team, people from the team who wanted to translate but the abuser takes it all, that formatting has to be done again and again. It's better to explain the correct process beforehands than after.

3. Where?

On each video or the management page.

Thank you for understanding!




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