Updating sticky notes and Loading time on Viki website takes longer than usual



1. What?

Having a sticky note or a post telling us beforehand:

-an update will be scheduled at a specific time and may affect the navigation of the website (I have this on other software so instead of filling bug issues, we know that it's normal that the website is working slowly)

-future ameliorations that you want to implement so we can help and give our ideas (if possible).

2. Why?

Nowadays, my access to Viki website or loading different pages and navigating on the website in general takes longer than usual. 

I opened a few tabs on Chrome and compared the speed (Viki Community Support and Viki profile page,TED, 2 newspapers, Youtube).

While other websites are loading relatively fast and they ended loading, on Viki websites, the pages are still loading.

I tried with less websites or only Viki tabs, and the results are the same. 

I don't think it's a problem with my internet speed, I think it's more linked to Viki, maybe updating or doing something else that it's slowing down the navigation.

3. Where? 

Maybe, here: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us?flash_digest=bf461510a55d9228e506c1c6b88427aee02cbb5b

I don't know where specifically on the linked page but an exemple on the scrrenshot.

Thank you!




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