I have requested this already once in Discussions. I have never seen such a short line text box to write emails. It is absolutely uncomfortable, invisible lines or prior written text. Here the 3 W's:

1) what - increase the size of the Email box to type messages

2) why - to be able  to see more than 2 lines of the written text, it is very uncomfortable on the eye requires constant scroll up or down to find a specific line or for rereading the written text, it's time consuming an impractical (also why is the email and notifications now using so much space where reading the submitted emails even the summary..... before it was compressed)

3) where - the existing email system is already featured on the upper right side



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  • I second that. 

    It's a hassle, a constant annoyance. This ridiculous little window which is not only short vertically, but also horizontally, so you don't know whether you made a mistake or whether you have written the whole word correctly. 

    Nowadays, if I want to write a message, I first open a word processor or Notepad in my computer, I write the message there and then I copy-paste it into the mailbox window. How non-user-friendly is that?

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  • @irmar    1/14/2018

    Personally, I don't want spend time in creating or using a new platform to prepare an email, when I write an Email I want just to write it. Imagine there are many emails to write, when you use outlook or other email platform you can see the written on one page. I understand if Viki needs to save space perhaps because of bits reasons but they have now added space in between each email or notification, before it was more compressed. it's now like this double space, this is also annoying when scrolling many pages!

    That mini box for writing is totally unacceptable in the age of technological advancements, what developer has created such design probably never writes emails I assume, OR he/she made an error in inputting the correct size of such box!!

    This is a minor issue to fix and Im guessing it could be changed with the numbers @georgeyporgey can you look into that, much appreciated (although I don't think the @name works the same as in discussions)


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