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Hi friends,

Pls, many episodes are incomplete and many Chinese series never finish be translated into spanish. How is this possible? It seems there is no control nor is seriousness. As a user Premium, I am very disappointed at how those translations are taking place. Many series of a few years ago have been left untranslated. I think it would be reasonable finishing first what was started. Pls, when do you guys think to finish be translate "God of War, Zhao Yun (2016)" ?




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    Thanks for helping to explain the volunteers' side, irmar!

    Hey miguel_melilla1981_764,

    We do our best to fill in missing subtitles for old dramas that have yet to be subtitled. However, as there is a lot of subtitling to do with so many shows, we're not always able to fill them in that soon.

    To help us prioritize shows to subtitle, if you wish to request subtitles for a particular language, please fill out this form and we'll do our best to make it happen. 

    In addition, God of War, Zhao Yun has already been fully subtitled.



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  • You may want to read this thread, it explains it thoroughly.

    And, by the way, we volunteers provide subtitles for free to ALL viewers equally, either paying or not paying, either vikipass standard or premium, it makes no difference. If we like a show we subtitle it. 
    If you read more carefully the description of the standard and premium plans, you will notice that subtitles are not even mentioned there. Because it's a free service provided by volunteers and viki has no control over it, it cannot oblige volunteers to work more quickly or to not abandon a project they don't like. The only thing it can do is, if it's a very popular show with not enough volunteers, to send one of their staff to help.

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