I can translate from English to Italian, let me know if I can help.



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  • Go find a drama that you like, check whether it has been already done in Italian or not, and if not, search on the main page (on the cover page) for the name of the Italian moderator.

    Select the moderator's name, then type (put the username instead of the word "username".
    In some cover pages, the moderators' names will be links, so you can directly click on them. For instance here:
    Then ask the moderator to put you in the Italian team. 

    Don't ask if the drama is on-air, because the teams are formed much before the drama starts airing. Your best bet if you are a beginner in this is some old, already aired dramas, or upcoming dramas which haven't started airing yet. 

    The moderator will give you their guidelines document to read. They might also ask you to do a sample translation to see how good you are. This is common practice, especially if you haven't done any subbing before - we all went through that. 

    You can also write here, it's the place where moderators hang out to find team members:

    In bocca al lupo!

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