[Solved] Impossible to delete timed comments

I am among the moderators of a series and, after the recent changes in the Manage section, it is impossible for me to delete timed comments pertaining to subtitle requests etc. 

I won't go now into how uncomfortable and impractical it is to put the x for delete at the left of the username, stuck to the username so that you risk clicking on that instead. (It wasn't broke, so why fix it?). The new look is uncomfortable in many ways (especially having to scroll down for sending a message to the team, and all the options there hidden until you click on them. Why have it on all pages? Useless). 

But this is serious. If I hover over the X for delete, or the word "delete" itself, I see on the lower bar of my browser the URL clicking will take me to, which is just the address I'm currently in, plus a # at the end. 

Like so:

This is true for each and every comment. They all have that same URL, and when you click, you are brought back to the top of the page, that's all. 

(See at the bottom of the attached screenshot, the url showing. My mouse was where the red line shows)

Oh, and another thing. While I am like that, there is no "finished managing" or "close". To go back, I have to use the "back" feature of my browser.


I'm writing this here instead of creating a ticket, because I want to hear the experiences of other people as well. 




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    Hi irmar,

    The Timed Comments Moderation module has been fixed.

    Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues with it!


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  • Hi irmar, 

    Thank you so much for the feedback about the re-skin on Channel Management. I was able to confirm that there's a bug with the Timed Comments delete function tool. I'm currently escalating this to our team. 

    I'm also sharing the feedback regarding the "button" placing and the hyperlinked username, along with the Finish or Close button to exit the page. 

    We'll also be removing the 'Moderate Part 1' from the top as there is no need for it.

    Would love to hear any other feedback regarding the re-skin of the Channel Management page from the community. 


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  • Thank you so much for the speedy response! Now it works perfectly. Not only, but the X is under the username, making things much easier. (I liked it when it was red, but let's not be greedy) The button on the right is good too!

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  • I'm so glad we were able to add all those improvements! ^_^

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  • Thanks to everyone!

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