[Solved] Viki App removed from Roku??




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    what happened to viki on my roku is offline why please seen a comment

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    I just bought a new roku and neither rakuten viki or just plain viki are in the channel store.  What's going on?  It was fine on my other roku.

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    Apparently, now you have to add the Viki channel with a code because it is a NON-CERTIFIED channel. Sign in to Roku on your computer or smartphone, under 'Manage Account' select Add Channel With Code, enter vikiglobaltv. 

    I don't understand why this is, as it was not the case a couple weeks ago when I uninstalled and reinstalled Viki because it was acting buggy.

    Perhaps something changed at the start of 2018? Either way, some sort of update or notification from Viki would have been nice. I only just discovered this myself, when I did some more digging after receiving no response to submitted help tickets.

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