Follow/ Unfollow topic on Bugs&Issues, guidelines articles, Give an idea


1. What?

- Adding to guidelines an explanation on "Follow/Unfollow" function, what's the difference? (I don't know)

Maybe create another post?

- Possibility to check a function "Yes, I want to receive notifications:

  •     in my private inbox (gmail address for example) that someone answered"
  •     in my Viki inbox (Viki main website) that someone answered"
  •     on my pic icon here (like the same function on Viki Discussions) or create a specific icon like on Facebook just for these types of notifications.

- Possibility to check "No, I don't want to receive notifications".

2. Why?

Because I don't know what's the difference between Follow/Unfollow. And I would like to have the possibility to pick if I want to receive these types of mails in my private inbox (if there are too many posts, answers, it would be a nightmare) or if I'd rather just receive these types of notifications when I connect on Viki.

3. Where?

Here: (1st screen)

Or/and here on people's profile: (2nd screen)

(maybe both these places because we don't think of opening "Viki profile", Viki Discussion, Viki bugs and issues, Viki Give an idea, Viki blog, Viki etc. Too many tabs to open and to think of XD (it will be less comfortable to navigate on the left and on the right to find the correct info for any user)

For the following screenshot, maybe one or the other idea, but not both, it's redundant.


Thank you!




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