This section of viki should be easier to access and use


I would like an easier way, with less clicks and scrolling, to access the Community Support and Ideas section. 

Now we have to:

1. click on our avatar picture
2. go down the drop-down menu and click on Support
3. Change the language from Spanish of French or whatever language is the day's fashion (it's always a surprise, never the same)
4. Know that "Subtitling Community" is not it, and scroll down beyond the half screen (at least for my 17'' laptop - for users on phones and tablets it will be even worse)
5. Click on Join the conversation which is a thin text link, whereas the others above were big fat buttons
6. Again scroll down, because the header with the search bar takes HALF THE SCREEN
7. Another click to choose either "Ask the Community" or "Ideas". 
8. And then a click on "Post new message"or however it's called.

As for me, I've made a link in a bold purple colour on my About page here to be able to access this place without so much fuss. See it? Just below my Ninja badge.

There must surely be a way to make this more easilly accessible to this page?

Where to put the shortcut?  

It could be a separate item in the drop-down menu under our avatar.
Better yet, it might be a link from within Discussions. Just where the old brown rectangular button was, just make it a link to here. 
So in one place, one can write about bugs and ideas, and at the same time, check what friends have to say about various other things. Why scatter the community in two different houses, one for coffee and one for playing mahjong? If you put a button there, you (viki staff) would still have the requests and ideas where you want them and where they are convenient to you viki staff, but without inconveniencing the users in the least. 
Of course, whoever prefers to come from the long route, because they don't care about the discussions, they're free to do so.

B. Appearance

Just as with the new inbox, things are very spaced out. This gives a cold blank feeling, like a huge cinema with only two or three people in the audience. And, again, it involves lots of unnecessary scrolling.
I have the feeling that your current web designer has a giant screen to work on (lucky him or her). 

I think many people will agree that a compact look with less scrolling, both in the introductory pages and in the message lists, would be welcome. 

C. The message writing and editing tool is a bit primitive

Compared to the window in Discussions, the editing window here is cramped. We need it to be bigger. 

It also lacks basic tools like the Quote tool. 

D. You cannot reply to a particular post.

When you comment, you comment generally, and one doesn't know to whom you are replying. As there isn't the quote function, one has to copy paste manually some sentences and the poster's name. 

The copy and quote functions in Discussions should be available here as well.



  • 1. What?

    An "Edit your post" function on Bugs&Issues and Give an Idea.

    2. Why?

    I don't see an "Edit your post" function on Bugs&Issues and Give an Idea, so I had to write a second post to complete the first one. It might end in multiple posts for 1 more sentence that we forgot to add last minute.

    3. Where?

    On 2 places:

    - On each post, an idea here (not at the bottom, because it makes us scroll all the way if it's a long message).



    - On a central page so we don't have to look among many posts to find our post that we want to edit.

    For example on this profile page:

    Like the button "Edit profile" on the screenshot of the linked page, a button "Edit your post" for each post.


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  • There is an edit button. The little wheel on the right of your message, just under the upvote and downvote arrows. It's not really evident, but once you know it it's no problem. Of course that edit window is really small and doesn't look pleasant and comfortable like the one we're writing in now - I wonder why. 

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  • Wow, you are absolutely right, it should be easier to find - found it by accident, when I finally had some minutes to "look around", if something changed over the last months ...

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