[Solved] Searching for this movie, Please help?

 If I am in the wrong section please let me know where to post. I have been searching over a year for a movie I watched and here are few details. Korean historical.  Shows little boy with his friends a girl and he made straw shoes for her and she gives him a lock of hair.  Mother teaches kids to be fair, kind, etc. in a song  in their house. Disaster hit, the friend boy runs behind the girls family cart, promises he will find her. The father decides to abandon  the only girl and keeps the boys. Mother leaves her little food which the girl shares with an man who later becomes chef in palace where girl winds up. They all reunite in palace, friend boy and her brothers. Friend boy still loves her but now she is married to the crown  prince and loves him.  Have you seen this and remember the title. this movie is gold to me. Send private message or post here.  Thank you very much. Teresa.



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    Hi there, 

    I happened to ask around the office and we were out of luck! If you ever find the correct title let us know! We would love to know what movie this is as well. 


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