Language Moderator Requirements

We have made some changes to our system in regards to Language Moderators and requirements to become a Language Moderator on Viki. These changes are done to help ensure that our community is able to create high-quality contributions and to give everyone the chance they deserve to contribute to teams.

The minimum requirements for someone to be assigned as a Language Moderator are:

  • The person must have at least 3,000 subtitles in the relevant language.
    • E.g. if someone wants to become a Spanish Moderator, they must have contributed at least 3,000 Spanish subtitles.
    • The easiest way to check for this is to verify the badges for proposed languages.
  • The person must have earned a minimum of QC status and have an active QC status.
  • The person must not have taken too many Language Moderator roles at any given time.
    • QCs can take on up to 3 Language Moderator roles at any given time.
    • Gold QCs can take on up to 5 Language Moderator roles at any given time.

Anyone who does not meet these minimum requirements will not be able to join a channel as a Language Moderator.

We want to emphasize that these are minimum requirements, and that it’s important that every Language Moderator is responsible for their team members. This includes:

  • Being regularly available for the entire run of a series.
  • Taking charge of recruiting team members as needed, and being welcoming of people who are interested to join the team.
  • Responding to private messages inquiring about joining your team, even if you are not looking to recruit more team members.
  • You may create your own workflow for your team, but it may not conflict with the Viki Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines.
  • Reporting any users who are using a translating program or application.

How are the number of moderator roles counted for each user?

A Language Moderator role starts taking up a slot when the user is added as a moderator of the channel. This takes into account how Language Moderators are supposed to help in recruitment even before any episode releases.

A Language Moderator role stops taking up a slot when these conditions are met:

  • All episodes are released.
  • All episodes reach ≥95% subtitles in their language.


Q: What if I'm a Spanish Moderator + English Moderator on a channel, how many will that count?

A: This would count as 2 roles of your total count..

Q: Do On-Air or Library titles matter or have a different count?

A: There is no difference between On-Air or Library titles..

Q: Someone applied to be a Language Moderator on my channel but I cannot add them. Why is this?

A: If you see the following symbol on the input field Screen_Shot_2022-03-21_at_1.56.43_PM.png, this is most likely due to the user being over their allotted amount of channels.

Please notify the user via private message and inform them that they cannot be added to the team at this time. The system will show a message informing you that the user has exceeded their quota of channels that they can be moderator of.


Q: What if I have more than the allowed amount of Language Moderator roles already?

A: Not to worry! We will not remove you from teams you are already a part of. Please note, that you cannot be added to any other teams until your role count is set like everyone else.

Q: Will “All Languages” Moderator roles count towards our total count?

A: No. Due to the flexibility of the “all languages” moderator role and how it is used in the community (e.g for cover page designers), these positions will not count towards your total count. 

Q: What do I do if I completed a channel but it’s not showing as completed?

A: Please submit a trouble ticket via our Help Center explaining that your quota is incorrect and specify the show(s) that are being counted.


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