QC Gift 2021

All qualifying QCs for 2021 received a separate email to their Viki-registered email address (so the email you have registered in your account settings). Emails to all qualifying users were sent between Jan. 20 - 23.

Form is open until February 4. Please be sure to submit your mailing address, or make any edits before then. Submissions or edits after will not be able to be processed and accepted.

Most recipients can expect their gift to be delivered in February 2021.

What to Look For:

Qualifying 2021 QC Gift recipients will receive an email that looks like the one below:

  • Sender: Rakuten Viki via Brilliant
  • Subject Line: Your QC Gift 2021 from Viki

Email will look similar to the one below:


When you click the "Receive Your Gift" button, a new page will open that looks like this:


When filling out the form, please do so carefully and accurately:

  • Fill out the form in English only
  • Limit 35 characters (including spaces) per line
  • Check to ensure that you have correctly typed in all information
  • Phone numbers are required for mailing outside the United States
  • Fill out all information including zip/postal code, state/province, AND city/town.
    Even if it feels redundant, or you normally don’t have to fill that information out for your country’s local postal service, please include it. Missing this information may lead to mailing delays or issues.
    • Example: Shanghai is both a city and province. In the form, please put “Shanghai” in both the city and province fields.
  • For users in Brazil: After selecting your country from the dropdown menu, a CPF field will appear for you to input this information.

Thank you, we really appreciate your help in ensuring a smooth mailing experience!

After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation includes a link where you can check or edit your submitted info.



Q: Is the gift a physical gift? Or a digital gift card?

A: The 2021 gift will be a physical gift mailed to your provided address. We wanted to be able to better show our appreciation with a unique gift you can’t get anywhere else!

Q: Will I be charged for VAT, customs, handling, or other taxes and fees?

A: No, not to worry! Viki and our shipping partner will handle all of this, so you should not receive any fees.

Q: I already submitted my information. How do I check, change, or update my information?

A: After you submitted your information, you should have received a confirmation email. In the confirmation email, there is a link that will allow you to access and edit your information. You can edit your information until February 4. Changes will not be accepted after, so be sure to do so before then!

Please note that after gifts have been mailed out, we are unable to make any changes to your address. After February 4, if you need to change your address or arrange forwarding, please contact your local postal service for additional help.

Q: I am a user in Brazil and need to include my CPF. How do I do this?

A: When filling out the form, after selecting your country from the dropdown menu, a CPF field will appear for you to input this information.

Q: When can I expect the gift to be delivered?

A: Most recipients can expect their gift to arrive mid to late February. Please note that mailing times will also vary depending on your location and your local postal service. Delivery times may take longer than usual due to COVID-19 and worldwide shipping delays. You’ll be able to refer to your provided tracking info for delivery estimates.

Q: Why do you need my phone number?

A: A phone number is required by the United States postal service for international mail. Your local postal service may use it to contact you for delivery. Rakuten Viki will NOT use your phone number to contact you.


If you have any additional questions, please submit a Help Center request here.

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