How do I hide/un-hide my language team from Project Finder?

Previously, language or segmenting teams might continue to receive applications to join them even if the team has been fully recruited. Now, Channel Managers and Language Moderators can hide a language or segmenting team from Project Finder when it is full. This new Team Settings tab can be found on the Manage Team page located here:


Please Note: We advise all Channel Managers and language Moderators to hide teams only when appropriate. If this feature is found to be misused, it will be disabled and the team member will be accountable. Please, do not at any time, hide a team with sole intentions to hoard a channel.



Q: I see the section to hide my team, why can I not show or hide my language team?

A: This could be due to the feature not being available specifically for this channel or due to possible abuse. Please submit a ticket if you are having access issues, please include the channel name & your language.

Q: After being added to a role with access, how long does it take until I see access to hide/unhide a team?

A: It can up to 10 minutes to see access.

Q: How long does it take for a team to be hidden/un-hidden?

A: It can up to 30 minutes for the team settings to change.

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