'Follow' Feature Removal for Roku

We’ve removed the ‘Follow’ feature and the ‘Following’ list is no longer available with the new updated Viki Channel version 2.13 on Roku. You can now add shows directly to your ‘Watchlist’ on Roku.

You can still access your ‘Following’ list when logged into your Viki account on Viki.com or the Viki mobile app. For quick access to these shows on your Roku channel, you can add them to your ‘Watchlist’ as well.

We apologize for any confusion between ‘Following’ and the ‘Watchlist’ feature. To clarify: 

'Follow' Feature
  • Enables you to get notification updates from On-Air / new shows on the Viki mobile app.
'Watchlist' Feature
  • Allows you to save any show and view it across all your devices at a later time.

How do I find my Watchlist?

Learn how to find and add shows to your ‘Watchlist’ here

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