Apple TV - Log in via QR Code

We have a new QR Code login option available for the Apple TV Viki app from Version 2.10 onwards.


How do I log in with QR Code?

  • The steps to login via QR Code are available under the ‘Apple TV’ section of this article - How do I log in to Viki 
  • For a more convenient QR login process via the Viki mobile app, please also check that your app is version 6.14 (iOS) and/or 6.6 (Android) onwards.

Can I still log in the same way as I did previously?

Yes, existing login methods have not been removed:

  • Linking your account via code
  • Log in via email and password

How do I find out if my device supports QR code login?

Most mobile devices should be able to scan QR codes through the device's camera or any QR reader app.

Additionally, please check that your Apple TV app is updated to the latest version above and your devices meet the minimum requirement as listed in this article

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