2019 QC Gift Information

For all 2019 QCs who qualified for a gift, The Viki Community Team is happy to let you know that gifts are coming super soon!

Within the next week, 2019 QCs will receive an email or PM with their QC gift info. Gifts will be a little different this year, so we’d like to share more details below.

For the 2019 QC Gift, we’ll be sending digital gift cards to most QCs, and physical gifts sent to users in countries where we’re unable to send digital gift cards.

Why the change to digital gifts? The community has continued to grow every year, so we wanted to find a better way to reward everyone while making sure that everyone gets their gift! Shipping to different countries (almost 100!) has become increasingly difficult for our small team, with even more concerns about proper delivery. This became even more important to us in 2020 because of COVID-19 and to ensure everyone receives their gift safely, and to avoid worldwide delivery issues. Digital gifts mean that instead of the costs going towards shipping, it goes towards the gift itself, and directly back to you. Moving forward, it only makes sense for us to shift to digital rewards as our community continues to grow!

This has also meant it’s taken us considerably more time to figure out this year’s gift, and we’re really grateful for your patience. We wanted to find a digital gift company that was available to as many countries as possible. Please note that due to legal restrictions, there are some countries we are unable to send gift cards to. Users in those countries will receive a physical gift instead.

Digital Gift Card Info

  • 2019 QCs will receive a digital gift card, with the exception of users in 10 countries, who will receive a physical gift instead. Physical gift info to follow in the section below.
  • How will I receive my gift card? You will receive the gift card in the email you provided to us.
  • Where can I use the gift card? Up to you! The gift card can be redeemed at a variety of retailers and online shops. *Retailer availability varies by country. Upon redemption, you’ll be able to select your country and view available retailers.
  • You collected my mailing address and phone number info. What’s going to happen to that now? Since Viki no longer needs this, all of this collected information has now been deleted as of Aug. 20, 2020 6 p.m. PDT to protect your privacy. 

Physical Gift Info

  • 2019 QCs in the following countries will receive a physical gift:
    Bosnia & Herz, Columbia, Iraq, Cote D'ivoire, Latvia, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Panama, Ukraine, and Venezuela.
  • How will I receive my gift? You will receive the gift at the mailing address you provided to us. If you require information for customs clearance.
  • Can I track my gift? Yes! Within the next few days, a member of the Community Team will send you a PM with your tracking info.
  • How long will it take to receive my gift? Delivery times may take longer than usual due to mailing restrictions because of COVID-19. This will also vary depending on your local postal service. You'll be able to refer to your provided tracking info for delivery estimates.
  • You collected my mailing address and phone number info. What's going to happen to that now? We will use your address info only to mail your gift, and only as reference in case you contact us with questions about it. Once all gifts are delivered, this information will be deleted to protect your privacy. If you would like to request this information to be removed, or to confirm if it has been removed.

The Viki Community Team is really thankful for all your contributions in 2019, as well as your patience!

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