Watch Party Live Chat Rules

Viki Watch Party allows you to watch movies and dramas together with the rest of the Viki community! While watching, you’ll be able to connect with each other via a live chat function.

Please ensure appropriate participation behaviour in a Watch Party live chat:

  1. Be kind.
  2. Please refrain from posting the following:
    • Profanities and expletives
    • Spam, scams, or other malicious conduct. Do not post large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages­
    • Links, embeds, or mentions of external streaming sites
    • Advertising, spamming or soliciting of outside services or websites, including fansubs
    • Personal information and/or self-promotions
    • Sexually explicit, violent, inciteful, disturbing or unwelcomed content
    • Discriminatory, hateful, or derogatory statements
    • Spoilers of upcoming episodes or content
  3. Healthy discussions are welcome, but please keep the tone civil, and content relevant.
  4. Don’t bully, harass, threaten, or engage in behavior that may count as a personal attack (eg. name-calling).
  5. Users with multiple accounts, or impersonating Viki staff, will have their access(es) revoked.
  6. Each chat message is limited to 200 characters.

Watch Party viewers and live chat participants must abide by Viki Terms of Use and Viki Community Guidelines, and will be held accountable for their participation behavior during a Watch Party.