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Viki Watch Party is a new feature that allows you to watch movies and dramas together with the rest of the Viki community! While watching, you’ll be able to connect with each other via the live chat function.


Viki Watch Party is will only available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, France, Colombia, Italy, Peru, Germany, Chile, United Kingdom, Argentina, Poland, Spain, Australia and on web browsers only.

How do I use Viki Watch Party?

Viki Watch Party is a linear TV platform where shows are screened on a fixed schedule. This means that everyone tuning in would be watching the same part of the show, at the same time.

To view a Viki Watch Party you will see a banner on the homepage with information about what is playing this week.

Video Controls

The Play and Pause functions work just like it does on our regular video player. However, resuming playback after pausing would bring you to the current point of the show that is being streamed; and not where you previously stopped at. 

Subtitle Controls

Subtitles settings can be changed at any point in time. The appearance and selected language will only affect your own viewing experience. 

Live Chat 

You can chat with your friends and those watching using the live chat function on the right side of the screen. To hide the live chat, click on the Untitled.png icon. 


Watch Party Live Chat rules apply. 

Will I be able to host my own private Watch Party?

At the moment, you will not be able to host your own Watch Party. However, we’re working to have this feature available soon!

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