How do I use the project finder?

We have updated our Project Finder tool. This article will help with how the tool works and hopefully assist with finding you shows that you want to contribute to!

Please note that you must be signed-in to Viki to access the Project Finder.



Important: If you leave the "Genres" and "This show is from" fields blank it will search all options available.

More Project Finder Notes: 

(1) When you find a project you are interested in joining, please click “Apply” to send a request to the manager or moderator of the channel. It is recommended to personalize the message request to have better chances of being accepted to the team.

(2) Not all channels listed in the Project Finder are searching for team members. If you are looking for more information about a specific team and who they could be looking to recruit, we encourage that you visit the Contributor’s Wall of the channel to see if the team is closed or recruiting. To view the Contributor's Wall, go to a channel, click on "Subtitle Team" and then scroll to the bottom.

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