How do I set screen rotation on/off?

Turning your mobile device on either side will rotate your video from portrait mode to full screen landscape mode on the app. To prevent this rotation during video playback, you may choose to lock the screen.

Turning the Screen Lock on/off

  1. When in full-screen mode, tap on the Screen Lock icon ScreenLocklogo.png located on the right side of the screen.


  2. To turn it off, tap the screen to bring up the controls and tap the Screen Lock icon again.
Note: When Screen Lock is enabled, no video controls (i.e. play, pause, etc.) will be displayed. Please disable Screen Lock to bring up the control buttons again.

Screen rotation can also be managed via the orientation lock function on most mobile devices. As this is a device-level setting, it will override Viki's Screen Lock function.

To prevent possible complications, we recommend turning off your device's orientation lock setting and using the in-app Screen Lock function when watching on Viki.

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